The amazing attention-and-response-magnet is what we should call TextMagnet! In today’s digital age, someone’s phone is just an app on their mobile device. They use their mobile device in most of their purchasing decisions and have it physically with them for most of their day. TextMagnet is the indispensible tool you need to reach potential clients as well as current clients.

Communicate with potential clients and customer who are absolutely interested in your products and services with our messaging system that can deliver text, pictures, videos, maps, directions and detailed product information instantaneously to cell phones.

With TextMagnet, its usage is only limited by your imagination (and ours!) – and we can imagine a great deal of methods in which you can use TextMagnet to instantly communicate with leads and customers.

You can start with TextMagnet today! For a quick demonstration, just text the word magnet to 669-800-1333 right now.

TextMagnet is easy-to-use, powerful, and will become a cornerstone in your business communication and marketing programs. Build stronger and more loyal connections with your clients and exponentially increase your exposure with TextMagnet in your business toolkit.


millennials prefer text messages for deliveries, promotions and surveys.


millennials open text messages within 90 seconds of receiving them


of the U.S. population owns a mobile device capable of receiving text messages

seconds is the average response time for a text message compared to 90 minutes for email

Full 10-Digit Phone Number

We use full, 10-digit phone numbers because users trust standard telephone numbers from area codes they recognize more than 5 or 6 digit short codes.

Send to 1 or 100,000

Send customized messages to one person or a hundred thousand. Our message personalization features individualize your message to as many as you need to reach.

Build Permanent Relationships

TextMagnet attracts clients to you for the longterm because it allows you to treat each client as a person and with a sense of immediacy.

Real Human Support

When you have a question, concern or need some coaching, we are only a text message away ourselves. What we can't handle by text, we'll handle by phone.

Keyword Campaigns

Provide the exact information your potential clients want through the use of keywords that you select. Quickly collect lead information from users who are actually interested in your service or product.