Are your AdWords campaigns producing results?

Advertising on Google can become a strong profit center for your business if managed properly. 25% of your AdWords budget can be wasted if you or your agency are not employing the best strategies in your campaigns.

If you are currently using an agency and are not satisfied with your AdWords results, we need to talk. Text the word AdWords to 669-800-1333 to begin the conversation.


Google Share of All Internet Users


Paid Clicks From Mobile Devices


Mobile Calls To Business Direct From Google Ad


Google Share of All Internet Users

Full 10-Digit Phone Number

We use full, 10-digit phone numbers because users trust standard telephone numbers from area codes they recognize more than 5 or 6 digit short codes.

Send to 1 or 100,000

Send customized messages to one person or a hundred thousand. Our message personalization features individualize your message to as many as you need to reach.

Build Permanent Relationships

TextMagnet attracts clients to you for the longterm because it allows you to treat each client as a person and with a sense of immediacy.

Real Human Support

When you have a question, concern or need some coaching, we are only a text message away ourselves. What we can't handle by text, we'll handle by phone.

Keyword Campaigns

Provide the exact information your potential clients want through the use of keywords that you select. Quickly collect lead information from users who are actually interested in your service or product.