With nearly 2 billion users, your next client is on Facebook. The secret to successfully reaching those potential clients are to contact them directly them on Facebook while they are using Facebook. But that would mean you need to be watching Facebook 24 hours a day, everyday, doesn’t it?

Our FacebookMagnet tool can do just that!

FacebookMagnet can watch ALL your Facebook pages and ALL your Facebook posts – while also watching your Facebook Messenger.

When a potential lead comments on any of your pages, or sends a personal message, FacebookMagnet can respond directly to them with a customized message, ad, call to action or any other kind of notice that your unique campaign needs.

Facebook users never ignore messages or comments from page owners. They will respond and follow up with you! This connection will last and your potential clients will easily convert into regular clients.


minutes per day is the average amount of time adults spend on Facebook

degrees of separation of all Facebook users (take that Kevin Bacon!)

number of times adult Facebook users check their pages per day

seconds to read new private messages from Facebook

Facebook Audit

Full Facebook Audit

We will conduct a full audit of your business Facebook account’s activities and metrics in order to develop a sound, successful and powerful strategy to attract new clients with our FacebookMagnet tool.

Immediate Response

We will rapidly achieve Facebook’s coveted immediate response status for your business which will dramatically help your ranking in the search engines.

Your potential clients will love how responsive you are to their inquiries.

Facebook Audit
Facebook Audit

Powerful Campaigns

Working together, we will develop powerful Facebook campaigns that are focused on converting potential clients into lifelong clients.

Build Your Reputation

Facebook is just a part of process used to build your brand’s reputation – but it is a critical part.

Harnessing the time and frequency of your customer’s usage of Facebook, we can help you build a rock-solid list of loyal customers who become your biggest word-of-mouth-social-advertisers.

Facebook Audit
Facebook Audit

Sell On Facebook

Whatever your product or service is, we can help you maximize the selling potential on Facebook. Reach clients who would have never searched for your online web presence convert them into your next clients.